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Akpos and His Money Transfer

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1Akpos and His Money Transfer Empty Akpos and His Money Transfer on 16th August 2014, 4:51 pm


Akpos mistakenly sent 800 Thousand Naira to a wrong phone number via Mobile
Money. Akpos realized that before the person withdraws the whole money, he
had to think of
what to do if he wants to get his money back from the person phone number.
He immediately sent a text:
Hi Boss, i hope you are okay. I hope you've received the money i sent you for the
introduction ceremony of joining Illuminati Satanism scheduled to happen at 12
That money is only for transport. I will send you more for pocket money and
there are
riches awaiting you. Remember to carry a syringe and needle meant to draw your
blood every
20 minutes. Please don’t be late because the devil will be present to officiate the
Thanks in advance. But in case you are not ready to join, please send back the
4 Minutes later, Akpos gets a Mobile Money message – You have received 800
Thousand Naira for your mobile money account.

2Akpos and His Money Transfer Empty Re: Akpos and His Money Transfer on 16th August 2014, 4:55 pm


Bad boi

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