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Top 3 Places She wishes You touch her ( Men)

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1Top 3 Places She wishes You touch her ( Men) Empty Top 3 Places She wishes You touch her ( Men) on 21st March 2015, 5:27 pm


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Post not written by me and Please this post or blog is never in anyway promoting pre - marital sex, is strictly to improve married life for couples, thanks 

Here is an article from men's health enjoy.. 

Most men think like their cave-dwelling ancestors when it comes to love: Go for the main attractions and fiddle around. But have you ever wondered where she wants your hands to go? Men's Health says helps you out with that. 

Her toes 

Her toes are really ticklish in the beginning, says sexpert Ian Kerner, but it's a good place to hang around as you cycle her through her process or arousal. 
Her hair 

There are about 100 000 hairs attached to little muscles called arrector pili on her head. When they are stimulated you get the same kind of thrill as when you are in a bit of danger and your hairs stand up. 
Take a lock of her hair in your hands and, gently guys, pull on it to stimulate the nerve endings on her scalp and give her a tingling feeling all over. 

Her thin skin 

Focus your touch on areas of her body where the skin is the smoothest – on the inside of her inner arm, her stomach and also the old favourite: inside her thighs. Thinner skin have more nerve endings and provide real pleasure when caressed.

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