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Mtn Browsing Fast with Bis again..

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1Mtn Browsing Fast with Bis again.. Empty Mtn Browsing Fast with Bis again.. on 23rd August 2014, 10:24 am


MTN BIS 3G on PC update Thanks2Precious 
1: Subscribe to mtn bis, then do this:
On bb... Goto tcp/ip settings, and change apn:, username/password:
2: Visit [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to download PDAnet for your blackberry directly,just
copy it to your bb browser and install, and the other for your PC [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] then follow the on screen instruction for
3: connect your BB to your Laptop Via USB cable then Launch PDAnet on your BB
click USB connection then right click on the PDAnet icon on your PC>>>>>> click
CONNECT and that's all!
you can also connect via Bluetooth ,if your pc has Bluetooth
you must meet the following Conditions:::::::
Then you must be in a 3G area to enable fast speed,if the 3G is stable in your area,just
set your bb to 3G only so that it wont switch to EDGE during network fluctuation. if
3G is not stable in your area,you can set it to 3G and 2G.
Once you install pdanet or your pc, remember to do this
go to your system control panel,system,device manager,modems,
click on modems,then scroll to pdanet and rightclick on properties,a window will pop
up,click on advance,in the extra initialization command box, copy and paste this
and click ok. then connect.
if anyone want to activate fully after trial,you contact me .
Note that it will keep working after trial but secured sites will not open...
Credits goes to Sir Precious.
U can still go for the daily Bis wch is 3gb.......Enjoy guys Lets do more research they
are lols of loooooop holes on.................Mtn,Etisalat,Airtel
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