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US won't provide Nigeria with experimental ebola drug

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The American Ambassador to Nigeria, James
Entwistle, said on Monday, August 18, that his
country was not yet in a position to make the
Ebola Disease experimental drug, Zmapp,
available to Nigeria.
During a visit to the Nigerian Minister of Health,
Onyebuchi Chukwu, Mr. Entwistle said that the
drug was not yet available in sufficient quantity
to go round all the countries requesting it.
According to NAN, the ambassador didn’t say
when the drug would be available for Africa’s
most populous country. He only advised the
Nigerian health ministry to focus on isolation,
screening and prevention.
Commenting the efforts of the Federal
Government in curbing the spread of the Ebola
virus in the country, Mr. Entwistle said the aim of
the visit was to discuss further on the anti-Ebola
cooperation between the US government and
the Nigerian government.
“Your government is doing a good job on contact
tracing; I noticed when I flew back here on
Thursday night into the country, before I left the
plane I filed in the questionnaire.
“I was very impressed because I had to put in my
seat number which is a very good idea, so that if
you have to trace the guy who was seating next
to me you will know where I am,” he said.
Speaking during the visit, the Minister of Health,
Onyebuchi Chukwu, said the Nigerian
Government was withholding its approval for the
Anti-Ebola drug Nano-Silver produced by a
Nigerian because it didn’t meet the requirements
of the National Health Research Ethics Code.
However, the Nano Silver drug was made
available to the Emergency Operations Centre in
Lagos on August 14. According to the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, Nano-Silver is
a pesticide.
He said the ambassador’s visit was an
opportunity to share ideas and information on
Ebola virus.

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