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10 Common Mistakes That Could Damage Your Laptop [A Must Read]

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Laptops are very important work and fun stations. To ensure that our laptops lasts us longer, it is our duty to know the safe practices, how to, habits, acts, and behaviors that might cause us to lose our laptops.

Here are 10 common mistakes that might cause you to damage your laptop or computer.

1. Using Your Computer Without An Anti-virus
Getting a good antivirus with paid license could be expensive but it’s always a wise choice to do so. Using your laptop without an antivirus software installed could cause you the following;
* Slow system performance
* Loss of important documents exposure to h#ckers through theinstallation of Trojan horses and tracking cookies on your system
* And finally could cause total system failure
To avoid the above consequences, get a good antivirus program for your laptop.
Note: Though Antivirus program is essential for your system safety, you should not install more than one antivirus program on your system at the same time.

2. Lifting Your Laptop By The Screen
One common mistake people often make is; lifting their laptops by the screen, therefore exerting too much pressure on the laptop hinges, and increasing the risk of losing your laptop screen. Always grab your laptop by the base and not by the screen.

3. Blocking The Air Vent
Blocking the air vents helps the system cool by serving as a means for the system to dissipate heat. If you block these vents by placing a pile of papers that block the vents for example, your laptop would overheat causing problems that could make you lose your laptop to damage.
Always ensure that you don’t block your laptop vent to prevent overheating and damage to your laptop. The air vents on your laptop.

4. Using Your Laptop Without Surge Protection
Using your laptop without surge protection could cost you your computer. Every now and then power fluctuates and spikes which could cause damage to your power pack or your laptop. Ensure you get a good surge protector to protect your laptop and accessories from power surges.

5. Eating & Drinking When Using Your Laptop
Most times we want to enjoy food and drinks while watching movies or playing games on our laptop. Sounds like fun but is probably one of the most dangerous mistakes you could make, as an accidental spill of a cup of juice or water on your keyboard could cause the system to short circuit and could cause your laptop to burn or shut down indefinitely. Always keep liquids far away from your laptop.

6. Using Your Laptop On Bed Or Soft Surfaces
Most people enjoy the comfort of working with their laptops on bed. However, this is bad practice. Using your laptop on bed could cause your laptop to overheat

7. Over Charging Your Laptop Battery
Overcharging your laptop could cause your battery to wear out. When your laptop attains 100% charge, take it off the power source. This is important because when you work with a laptop with a bad battery and there is an unexpected power cut, your system could go off immediately causing your system to shut down wihtout saving your previous session. This could cause you to lose your unsaved document and could eventually lead to the damage of your system.

8. Moving Your Laptop With Your Power Cord Attached
When moving your laptop from one point to another, it is dangerous to do so with your power cord attached as it might get tangled up and cause the laptop to fall off your hands. Always detach the power cord first before moving your laptop

9. Using Your Power Cord To Obstruct The Way
It is dangerous to charge your laptop in a way that your power cord obstructs the way. Someone could accidentally kick your cord fit such a force that could spoil your power cord or cause your laptop to fall to the ground. Always place your cord where it doesn’t obstruct the way.

10. Never Open Your Laptop If You Are Not A Technician
Some folks might be tempted to open their laptops to see if they can try their hands on fixing a problem or two. The truth however is, no matter how small you perceive the problem to be, if you are not a technician or have concrete knowledge about your computer hardware, do no open your computer, doing so could stand you the risk of tempering with other things which could spoil your laptop totally. Always seek technical help when having issues with your computer, don’t do try and error.



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