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Why Do Ladies Prefer A Man With Status Job To A Rich Businessman ?

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I am a humble guy who has some rich friends who struggled their ways to the top without the golden spoon syndrome when they were born.

I happen to see that some guys who are out of relationship for one thing or the other or were unable to marry their first love are finding it very hard to settle down with ladies of their choice. These ladies aged between 22-27 tend to come around to enjoy expensive dates and enjoy driving in their cars but will hardly accede to a discussion on marriage.

One question they often ask these successful guys is, " Why not get another job ". One can easily see the concern on their faces when asking this question. Oftentimes these guys are shocked by these questions as some of them have worked in banks and telecom firms before meeting these girls. But right now developed businesses which they do and earn good profit comparable to their salaries as paid employees. In addition some have built good houses, own cars and businesses.

Very vivid is mike's case who was formerly a white collar job worker who when he was living in a one room apartment had many girlfriends and most of these girls were begging him for marriage. He counted about 3 girls who once knelt down in his room to ask for his hands in marriage. Mike now finds it hard to comprehend that now that he owns a business and drives a big car and occupy a big house, what he meets are player ladies. Mike has counted at least 5 of his lady friends who are asking him to get another bank job. 

Mike tries to explain to them that getting another bank job is not the problem but meeting the banks deposit targets as he has dumped several offers in the past after he called it quit from the corporate world. One now wonders whether these ladies are disconnected from reality that one, there are no jobs and two, to maintain a job, one cannot actively maintain a thriving business.

Ken once discussed with me how often ladies accepted to be friends with him when he was on tie and suit and worked as an office assistant in a corporate firm. He had a wonderful command of english language though he capped his education at the OND level. He developed love for a particular business and started it while his younger brother ran the business for him he still maintained his job. Later on he found out that his profit from business started exceedinghos salary and he later quit his job to pursue his business fully. Today mike is very successful and lives in his own house, though still single. The ladies he sees are more interested in friendship than in settling down and he has also encountered same questions like," Why not get another job" from his lady friends.

To sum up this write up, why will a lady accept to date a bank contract staff with a salary of N60k or an oil company contract staff with a salary of N80k in preference to a businessman with proof of wealth ?


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