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How to Answer English ComprehensionQuestions in JAMB (Part 1) – CBT CandidatesTake Note

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There are different types of questioning method employed by jamb in this
delicate section.They are as follows:
1.Authorial questioning method
2.Periphrastic questioning method
3.Logical questioning method
4.Evaluation questioning method
5.Contextual questioning method
6.Refutational questioning method
Let’s begin with (Authorial questioning method):Questions under this
questioning method require a candidate to provide answers based on the
dictates of the passage…Examples:
1.According to the writer…
2.The passage suggests that…
For instance,if a passage talks about prostitution of under-age girls and how it
has helped shape their lives for good,and a question is asked that
“Prostitution is_____(a)good(b)bad…The answer is ‘good’ in accordance to
passage must not allow your personal opinion to influence your answer.
2.Periphrastic questioning method:This is a “round-about’ questioning
method,Whereby a candidate is required to simplify the question before
answering it.Examples are:
-Which of this is untrue?(i.e which of this is not true.)
-Which of this is unimportant?(i.e which of this is not important).
3.Logical questioning method:Here,the principle of logic is required to enable
you pick a right answer from the available options. A candidate needs to
consider and gather concrete facts that are paraphernalia of a certain context
to enable him arrive at the right answer.
4.Evaluation questioning method:This requires a candidate to describe a person
or object in the passage how the given subject does thing comes into the picture
like,walks,talks and so on.Example:In given passage Saka is described as a
bully that beats girls like a two-headed goat and so on ..And You are asked:
“According to the passage,Saka is a______(a)Two-headed goat (b)skilled
fighter(c)bull(d)bully…The answer is ‘bully’…because from the facts emanating
from the passage the best word that can be used to describe Saka present in the
options given is ‘bully’…PART 2 COMING UP SHORTLY


Comprehensions need re-reading at least twice before tackling the answers.




this is pretty good this would help the cbt candidate to read wisely. before they take precaution.


Thats gud

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