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boko haram in the bus

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1boko haram in the bus Empty boko haram in the bus on 25th April 2014, 2:24 am



A conductor asked one of his passengers:wey ur money?
Passenger replied: I b staff.
Condoctor queried:which kind staff u b?
-u b police? No!
-u b soldier? No!
-u b navy? No!
-u b air force? No?
So wetin u be now! Abeg pay ur money!
D passnger replied: i b Boko haram!
All d passngers shouted: WHAAT!!!
conductor u dey mad? Oga Boko sorry sir, abeg no vex,we go pay 4 u sir.
Everybdy screamed DRIVER NEXT JUNCTION.
Driver said e be like na here i go drop too! Abi if you are the one will you
continue with your journey?. Don't laugh alone share it!

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