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Mistakes That Could Damage Your Laptop

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1Mistakes That Could Damage Your Laptop  Empty Mistakes That Could Damage Your Laptop on 3rd March 2014, 1:28 am



Laptops are very important work and fun stations. To
ensure that our laptops lasts us longer, it is our duty to
know the safe practices on how to how habits, acts, and
behaviors that might cause us to lose our laptops. Here
are 10 common mistakes that might cause you to
damage your laptop or computer.
1. Using your Computer without an Antivirus
Getting a good antivirus with paid license could be
expensive but it's always a wise choice to do so. Using
your laptop without an antivirus software installed could
cause you the following;
slow system performance
loss of important documents
exposure to hackers through the installation of Trojan
horses and tracking cookies on your system
and finally could cause total system failure
To avoid the above consequences, get a good antivirus
program for your laptop.
Note: Though Antivirus program is essential for your
system safety, you should not install more than one
antivirus program on your system at the same time.
2. Lifting your Laptop by the Screen
One common mistake people often make is; lifting their
laptops by the screen, therefore exerting too much
pressure on the laptop hinges, and increasing the risk of
losing your laptop screen. Always grab your laptop by
the base and not by the screen.
3. Blocking the Air Vent
Blocking the air vents helps the system cool by serving
as a means for the system to dissipate heat. If you
block these vents by placing a pile of papers that block
the vents for example, your laptop would overheat
causing problems that could make you lose your laptop
to damage.
Always ensure that you don't block your laptop vent to
prevent overheating and damage to your laptop.
The air vents on your laptop.
4. Using your Laptop without Surge Protection
Using your laptop without surge protection could cost
you your computer. Every now and then power
fluctuates and spikes which could cause damage to your
power pack or your laptop. Ensure you get a good surge
protector to protect your laptop and accessories from
power surges.
5. Eating and Drinking when using your Laptop
Most times we want to enjoy food and drinks while
watching movies or playing games on our laptop.
Sounds like fun but is probably one of the most
dangerous mistakes you could make, as an accidental
spill of a cup of juice or water on your keyboard could
cause the system to short circuit and could cause your
laptop to burn or shut down indefinitely. Always keep
liquids far away from your laptop.
6. Using your Laptop on Bed or Soft Surfaces
Most people enjoy the comfort of working with their
laptops on bed. However, this is bad practice. Using
your laptop on bed could cause your laptop to overheat

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