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1Do you wish to attract someone to yourself? Is there a man or a woman that you like and want them to fall head over heels for you? If yes is your answer, then the seven principles of attraction is your key to success. The seven principles of attraction are seven simple ways that will help you grab anybody�s attention and master the art of attraction.

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Rule 1- Hide and Seek
If you want a person, never run after
them. The more you chase them, the
farther they will go away from you.
Approach them, let them know that
you like them but do not show them
how much you want them. More often than not, strong emotions scare away

Rule 2- Play hard

Sometimes, playing hard to get works
well. Love, in its initial stage is like a
run and chase game and the chase is
always the most fun part. The more
you run away from a person, more
curious he will be to catch you and find out the reason behind your
running away from them. Men like
women who are hard to get and
women find those men interesting
who have the potential and
confidence to turn them down.

Rule 3- Move slow

Once, you get to know the person; do
not be all over them. Make sure that
you move cautiously and slowly into
the relationship. Take your time and
let the other person take their time to
understand and comprehend things. Sometimes, moving too swiftly can
mess things up.

Rule 4- Be on your best behavior
While trying to woo someone, be on
your best behavior always. Some
people say that love is blind but when
attraction is involved, everybody gets
an extra pair of eyes. Thus, wear your
best clothes, best manners and put on your most charming manners. It will
help, certainly.

Rule 5- Air of Mystery Never reveal your true self. Mystery is
an important element of attraction. A
person will most certainly stay
attracted to you till the time he/she
doesn�t completely understand you.
Every time you do something which surprises them, they will run after you
to understand you better.

Rule 6- Shower compliments
Be generous with compliments. Every
person likes to be praised and be
around people who like them. Thus, if
you want to attract someone, make
sure that you compliment them.
However, make sure that your compliments do not come across as

Rule 7- Pinch of jealousy
A little jealousy can really help you in
getting a person attracted to you.
When you shower all your attention
on one person and suddenly, you
divert your attention from that one
person to another, they will become jealous and would want to restore
their position as the most important
person in your life. Thus, they will
begin to run after you.

The seven laws of attraction, if used
correctly can really help you in getting
that special someone attracted to you
within days.

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