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Common Words Guys Use AndTheir Meanings

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1Common Words Guys Use AndTheir Meanings Empty Common Words Guys Use AndTheir Meanings on 29th December 2013, 4:48 pm


A sequel to the thread that talked about
the secret meanings to girls words
during conversation.
Guys ,too, have theirs.
1. "When are you going?"- A polite way
of saying "are you still here". Just pick ur things and go immediately when a guy
says this.
2. "You are sexy/hot"- Many girls take
this as "beautiful". No, it means I's like to
have you in bed one day.
3."I'm busy for now"- it means you are boring.
4. "You are like a sister to me"- If ur
boyfriend say this to you, he means you
don't arouse him sexually(no affection).
5." What do you mean"- When ur arguing
with a guy and he asks what you mean. He's surprise that you are so right, he
knows you are on point and may
discover the secret so he pretends not to
5. "I'm not ready for a serious
relationship"- He means you are not a wife material or at least to him.
6. " I'm sorry "- I'm in the mood. Pls
come to bed. Except he says it and does
not ask you 4 sex that's when he really
means it.
7. "Do you have a boyfrieend?"-means "I wonder what he sees in you". If he
wants to have you, he wont ask.
8. "You're looking alright/okay"- You are
not beautiful. Just average.
9. "Okay, no problem"- This does not
mean the case is settled. It means "wait and see".
10. " Are you serious?"- Ur behaving
11. " I don't understand you these days"-
I have seen another better chick outside.
U've been replaced already. 12. "Do you love me?"- He is not
expecting a "Yes or No". He is saying
"Prove it". May be on bed.
13. "What perfume do you use"- You
have body odour and he's
recommending a deodorant for you. 14. " Don't mention"- I know why I
helped you and I won't accept "thank
you" as a reward.
15. "This dress is too small for you"- you
are putting on weight unneccessarily.
16. "I'll call you". Pls don't call me. 17."You look like my mother"- You
bosom don sag finish.
Do you agree?
Add urs guys
Edited:- Praaaaaaaiiiise the lord.
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appreciate God for protection me and
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My choir abeg sing skelewu make i take
thank my God

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