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How To Know If Your Laptop Is Refurbish

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1How To Know If Your Laptop Is Refurbish Empty How To Know If Your Laptop Is Refurbish on 31st August 2014, 11:27 am


If u have an additional R at the end of
the product number ( Example:
NB234UA#ABA is the product for new
notebook and NB234UAR#ABA is the
product number for a refurbished
notebook. If KS453AV#ABA is the
product for new notebook Then
KS453AVR#ABA will be tech product
number of refurbished notebook)..
So if you have an additional R in the
product number, it means it is a
Refurbished notebook.
Product number can be find at the back of every laptop or
the battery pack
Second way to know a refurbish laptop
Type these words in Run
box "MSinfo32" without the quote
if you see addition R in the
product number then this is a
Refurbished product...
Type window key +R to show the Run box
PS: Refurbishment is the process of
maintenance or minor repair of an item, either
aesthetically or mechanically.
Computers and laptops that are
refurbished usually means that it did
not initially pass quality standards of
the manufacturer. They then fix or
recertify the unit and sell it at a
discount price (Up to 30% off). Most of
them carry a 30 day store warranty and 90 days with
Don't mistake refurbish laptops with second-
hand laptops
Second-hand means something that is used by someone
before selling or giving it out.

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