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virginity Question

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1virginity Question Empty virginity Question on 18th August 2014, 3:22 pm


The Virginity Question:
"If someone was involved in sexual immorality and decided to stay away from it
because she has heard the truth and a friend of hers comes to ask"are you a
virgin "what do you think should be her reply?" by lady D.G
My radical response:
"Are you a virgin?" ....she asked? My response will be, "Na your business? Who
send you?
My Explanation:
Your virginity status is not a public discussion. Don't allow people define you by
the presence or absence of a hymen. Some of us have made mistakes. Some of
us have moved on. Some of us are virgins only for mouth and hymen, while we
have defiled all other parts of our bodies, including our anus. Some of us have
lost our virginity, but have embraced abstinence. Our dignity is beyond our
virginity. Our dignity is who we are in Christ and the new life we life because of
the love of God. So even if a lady is a virgin, it is not up for discussion.
Therefore, even if she is not a virgin, it is still not up for discussion. Stop walking
around feeling superior because you are a virgin. And stop walking around look
downcast, because you are not a virgin. Let our boast rather be that, "since I
embraced the truth about purity, I have carried this body as the temple of the
Holy Ghost." Now if a guy wants to marry you and he asks this question, I always
LOVER!!! Let him get to know you, embrace your future, demonstrate
commitment, before you can judge if he has capacity to carry the responsibility
of your past. Many men are looking for ready-made take away girls, and they do
not know that in the real world, it does not exist. We've all got something we are
ashamed of. True love, however, is NAKED and NOT ASHAMED. So if a man is
ashamed of you because of your past, he has no right in your future, so lift your
head, and smile, you may be paying a price for stupid mistakes, but Jesus pays all
our debts and soon, a man who sees your sun, rather than your sin, will come
your way. but till then, know how to get the guy you want WITHOUT SELLING
Now your turn: How would you have answered it?

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