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How to Open Folders Infected with Shortcut.lnk Virus

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Here is a simple trick for you to use whenever you want to open a folder infected with a ?yaoozx.exe? Trojan horse virus.

What this virus does is to forcefully change the extension of your folder to .lnk making it to perpetually appear like a shortcut or link.


Open up the drive the folder is located using your windows explorer. To do this simply right click on the folder and select explore.

Copy the name of the folder example we have


So the name of our folder is Shortcut1 not Shortcut1.lnk. Also make sure it is case sensitive i.e. CAPS for CAPS and lowercase for lowercase.

Click on the folder browser and type in the drive example drive e:/ followed by the name of the folder excluding .lnk 

This will open the shortcut folder.

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